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David B. Hill

photo July, 2009

Sorry, there's not much here. Most of this is just experimentation, mockups and links to things that are too big to email. It only gets updated every other year or so.

I've learned a lot about myself and my family attending a set of seminars provided by Premier. Here are the Gems I've learned in the process. For about a year, we had meetings called "Keys" about every 10 weeks, sort of like AA for emotional dysfunctions. I think I'm better now. Let me know if you disagree.

I'm a (very small) part owner of a small plane, N7623V,a Cessna C-177RG. I took it to River of Rough, KY in Sept 06.

I'm building my own plane, N76012. It's an RV-12 from Van's Aircraft.

Greg Henry, MD is a lecturer who specializes in medical malpractice avoidance. This lecture is not copywrite restricted and I can literally say that it changed my entire style of practice. It's long (about an hour) but is well worth your time. He's rude, crude, amusing and deadly accurate in his observations about how doctors (mis)treat patients.